Puppy Training in San Diego

Puppy Training San Diego – Prevent Behavior Problems! 

Did you just bring a new puppy into your home and family? Congratulations for your new bundle of furry joy! Now it’s time to start puppy training!

Our San Diego puppy training program will not only cover your basics, but it will go beyond that so that your young puppy will be ready to mature into a well-behaved adult down the road. Using positive reinforcement and gradual exposure, we set up your puppy for success, and introduce them to the world with the correct and positive associations in place.

Many dog owners will skip puppy training, primarily teaching potty training and maybe a command or two. We want to take puppy training to a comprehensive level where we can prevent any other bad habits or inappropriate behaviors from forming in the future. Why not nip it in the bud early, rather than wait for things to potentially escalate into more serious or uncontrollable behaviors?

Surf’s Up puppy training will comprise of the following:

  • House breaking
  • Crate training
  • Basic commands
  • Leash behavior
  • Greeting manners
  • Separation anxiety prevention
  • Consistent scheduling 
  • Socialization and desensitization
  • And more!

Before beginning puppy training, we will have an in-home consultation before our first lesson, to ensure that we address ALL your puppy’s issues and needs. Our program is in-home training as it will benefit your puppy to learn all the right behaviors in your home first. Gradually, we’ll insert more distractions to ensure that your puppy can learn how to behave even in more fast-paced or chaotic environments.

Get Started Now!

Because of their young age and early development, we will not rush your puppy into anything he/she is not prepared for at the moment, as we want to avoid setting your puppy up for failure. However, we will guide you and your puppy, and give you as the owner the essential tools to remain consistent and continue making training a positive association for your puppy.

The critical training period for puppies is between 7 weeks and 4 months. If you are interested in setting your puppy up on the right paw and getting a head start on eliminating potential bad behaviors, call us and we’ll get started ASAP! Don’t wait until your puppy turns into the neighborhood nuisance or keeps you up all night – set them up for success immediately with puppy training!

To enlist in puppy training with Surf’s Up Dog Training, call us at 619.378.9688 or write us using our contact form.