San Diego In-Home Dog Training 

San Diego In-Home Dog Training Programs

In-home dog training is one of most reliable and effective ways to reach all training goals and achieve lifetime results with your dog. Whether it is a mild issue or a more severe problem, in-home dog training helps set your dog up success while also teaching owners the appropriate training and handling techniques.

Surf’s Up Dog Training is based on training methods and approaches that have been used successfully for over three decades. Our in-home training programs are designed for any dog with any behavioral problem, including:

  • Anxiety: separation anxiety, crate anxiety, sound anxiety, phobias, etc.
  • Aggression: fear aggression, dog aggression, human aggression, food aggression, leash aggression, etc.
  • Hyperactivity: jumping, uncontrollable running, other extreme behaviors such as digging, destructive chewing, etc.
  • Basic Obedience and Manners: commands, greeting manners, leash behaviors, etc.
  • Puppy Training: the basics such as potty training, crate training, commands, socialization and desensitization, etc.
  • New Baby: our expecting parents program helps prevent inappropriate behaviors or aggressive habits toward or over a new baby in the home.
  • Multiple Dogs: can handle multiple dogs in the same household with any of the above issues!

During our in-home dog training, we will be working with your dog and also teaching YOU to be a confident leader and expert with working and communicating with your dog. We believe that the dog’s progress heavily relies on their owner’s ability to maintain the training consistency. Therefore, we give you the tools to not only eliminate your dog’s bad behaviors, but to introduce better ones and prevent further ones from forming.

Building a Lasting Bond Between You and Your Dog!

Not only will our San Diego in-home dog training give you the lifelong skills you need to sustain your dog’s training, but it will also strengthen the bond between the two of you. Rather than dominating or instilling fear in your dog, you will learn to build a relationship based on trust, respect and love.

Behavior change is possible with Surf’s Up Dog Training! To learn more about us, give us a call at 619.378.9688 or send us an email here.