Dog Training for New Parents

Dog Training for New Parents in San Diego

Are you a dog owner AND an expecting parent in the San Diego area? Are you feeling nervous not only for the arrival of your new baby, but also wondering how your dog is going to react and behave once your little boy or girl comes home from the hospital?

Surf’s Up Dog Training is a San Diego dog training company that not only wants to help dogs, but also their people. We have noticed that some dog owners have struggles with socializing their dogs with new guests and even new family members. With parents getting ready to bring a newborn into their lives, we want to help settle some of the baby jitters and give them peace of mind when it comes to the relationship between baby and their dog. This is why we started offering the Cribs and Canines training program.

Our expecting parents training program not only helps dogs learn how to behave around a new baby, but it also prepares them before the baby even is born and comes home! Through reward-based training methods and building the right, positive associations, we can make sure that your baby and dog get started on the right foot/paw together!

Babies bring joy, but they do bring great changes into the household. This not only affects the parents, but all members of the household, including those of the canine species! While your dog might normally be great with children, he/she might react differently when a baby comes into their lives and turns their schedules and routines upside down! Dogs could be fine with these changes, and some might act out with disobedience, anxiety, and even aggression! The Cribs and Canines training regimen is here to help your dog adjust to the baby and the changes they will bring.

Some of the things we will cover is appropriate behaviors and set boundaries for the dog when it relates to the baby, such as no jumping in the crib or carriage, destroying the baby’s belongings, and more. We of course will also make sure that any aggression (over or toward the baby) will not be accepted, and if there’s any anxiety forming, we’ll help alleviate it and help owners get their dogs feeling more confident and content again. We also want to make sure that your dog creates positive associations in general, especially when it comes to your baby. If you’re concerned that your dog will not be able to go for a walk with you as you push your baby in their stroller, we’ll fix that immediately by making sure leash behavior is solid and reliable, even among distractions!

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Parents already have enough to worry about during and after the pregnancy, so why not spare yourself the added stress by ensuring your dog is set and ready to be a happy, well-mannered companion for your baby? If you are an expecting parent, call us for the Cribs and Canines training program. If your baby is already with us in this world, and your dog is showing some bad behaviors signs already, you can still enlist in Cribs and Canines, and we absolutely recommend it. Don’t wait until something serious or tragic happens…get it sorted out ASAP!

To schedule an initial in-home consultation for the Cribs and Canines program, call us at 619.378.9688 or e-mail us.