Aggressive Dog Training in San Diego

Aggressive Dog Training San Diego – We CAN Help!

One of the most daunting behaviors dog owners have to deal with from their dogs is aggression. Most people are clueless on how these aggressive behaviors manifested, and often times, they also are unsure how to address this severe problem.

Aggression could be traced back to a past life of trauma or abuse, prior to adoption. If something like this occurred early in the dog’s life, this could’ve greatly and negatively impacted the dog’s development. Fear is also a common factor, which could’ve been from a troubled life or perhaps a life without any type of leadership present. Aggression could’ve grown from just poor habits or playful behavior that just escalated to inappropriate levels.

We Address ALL Forms of Aggression!

Whatever the case may be, the issue is now and how we eliminate aggression from a dog’s behavior. Aggression comes in many forms and some may be more severe than others. It can cause serious problems for the dog, owner, and maybe even the whole community. Depending on how far the aggression goes, it could lead to devastating consequences such as an injury, having to surrender the dog to animal control, or even euthanasia.

Surf’s Up Dog Training believes that aggression doesn’t have to lead to a death sentence for the dog. Aggression, while very problematic and at times very scary for people, is a behavioral issues and is something that CAN be addressed through training. With enough work, dedication and consistency, even the Cujo dog next door (or in your home) can be rehabilitated!

Our San Diego aggressive dog training program can address and help eliminate these forms of aggression:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Human
  • Food/resource guarding
  • Territorial
  • Baby/child
  • Sibling
  • Fear
  • Leash
  • And more

    Behavior Change is Possible!

    Aggression in a dog is one of the worst nightmares for a dog owner. People believe that aggression can be inherent, and some even believe it is something that is permanent, and can never be trained out of a dog. Our San Diego dog trainer has worked with countless aggressive dog cases, some of which were turned down by other trainers and deemed “untrainable” or “too far gone”. Not only has our trainer brought changes, but also brought lifetime positive results to these dogs and their families! Surf’s Up Dog Training is proof that change IS possible, even with an aggressive dog!

    If you have an aggressive dog and are at your wit’s end, don’t give up without talking to us first! Our trainer is committed to working with your dog until change is achieved and you and your dog can feel peace at mind and in your homes once again! Don’t let anyone condemn your dog to death or a lifetime of anxiety and aggression, because after contacting us, we will step in and help you!

    Our San Diego aggressive dog training program is available for any dog of any breed, age, or size. To schedule your first appointment with us and enroll your dog, call 619.378.9688 or e-mail us.