San Diego Dog Training Success Stories!

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Our Bailey was known as the neighborhood monster with all her barking and fence aggression. And when we walked her…COMPLETE HUMILIATION with her lunging, barking, and pulling on the leash. Surf’s Up Dog Training changed all of that for us, and we are so grateful. Bailey now listens to us, and walks with her have actually been pleasant! She’s slowing rebuilding her relationships with all our neighbors, but we still get comments on how well she has progressed!

Saundra & Chuck J.

I tried a trainer before going with Surf’s Up Dog Training. My dog Prince had kept me and my husband up for several nights with all his anxious crying and barking. The final, sleep-deprived straw was when he broke out of his crate overnight and we woke up to shredded furniture in the living room. After our first trainer attempt, we had zero results. After Surf’s Up, it was like a switch went off in Prince’s head and he learned to calm down. The trainer knew exactly how to address Prince’s separation anxiety and how to build his confidence. More importantly, we also got to learn this and Prince saw us as loving leaders. Not once did the training feel unfair or inhumane…and we got results and our sleep schedule back! I give Surf’s Up Dog Training two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Laney & Tyrone F.

We signed up our puppy Ganache for the Surf’s Up puppy training and we got great results. Their trainer helped us through the nightmare of potty training Ganache, and he learned excellent manners and is very responsive to commands. Highly recommend Surf’s Up Dog Training.

Ben & Jordan L.

Leslie Ruiz gave an amazing dog training for my dog Luna who’s barely four months, we will follow her instructions for three weeks and see the results. I loved how she was able to explain each one of us how to train our dog. Can’t wait for the results.

Yesenia R.

Surf’s Up Dog Training is great and I will recommend them to any dog owner that needs training, especially those with aggressive dogs. My dog Frodo started snapping at my new baby and I was horrified. I had Frodo for six years and while my daughter comes first, I was devastated over the idea of possibly having to get rid of him. Thankfully the trainer at Surf’s Up was so sweet and knew exactly what to do! Our daughter Ava and Frodo get along GREAT now! Thanks to Surf’s Up, I could keep my entire family together!

Kim W.