Meet our Professional San Diego Dog Trainer 

Leslie Ruiz – Owner/Head Trainer

Leslie Ruiz is a San Diego dog trainer, bringing the most effective reward-based training methods to the area. Leslie has always been a dog lover and always interested in how the mind works; she has a B.A. in Psychology, and is soon working her way toward earning a Masters in Animal Psychology. With this background, Leslie wanted to take her skills and education to a level where she could actively help both people and dogs.

After much research, Leslie found out about Canine Trade Group and the dog trainer’s course they offer. She spoke personally with Canine Trade Group’s president, John Van Olden, and decided that becoming a professional dog trainer was her calling. Leslie was accepted and excelled in her training study and practicum, and graduated as a certified dog trainer, using the most modern and effective dog training techniques. Leslie is thrilled and passionate about her work and clients, and she is looking to help all dogs of different backgrounds, including those that are branded “unfixable”.

No dog is too much for Leslie, and she is looking forward to meeting and helping your dog overcome their behavioral issues!