All About San Diego Dog Training – Surf’s Up Dog Training!

Surf’s Up San Diego Dog Training is backed by a compassionate, expert trainer, along with our exceptional office team ready to listen and help you find the right training program for you and your dog. Outside the company, our results speak for themselves – we take great pride in our client’s progress and reviews.

Our trainer implements reward-based training methods that was taught and acquired from Canine Trade Group’s selective training course and practicum. After graduating and receiving certification from John Van Olden, Canine Trade Group’s CEO, our trainer came back with all the necessary knowledge and tools to train and rehabilitate dogs in the San Diego area. Thus, Surf’s Up Dog Training was born, and our mission to keep dogs in their forever homes and out of shelters began.

Our San Diego dog trainer uses only the best and most effective training techniques to reach behavioral success with ANY dog of any background. Surf’s Up Dog Training isn’t just about managing inappropriate behaviors, it’s about erasing them while also introducing better alternatives, giving your dog the choice and the motivation to be your happy, obedient pal.

We cover all of San Diego and surrounding areas, though if you are unsure if your home is within our radius, don’t be shy to call and confirm with us. You can reach our office staff by phone at 619.378.9688, or e-mailing us through our contact form. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST.

Some of Surf’s Up Dog Training programs include the following:

With the exception of our Practical Pet Protocol group classes, all our training programs are in-home and are created based on your specific needs and training goals. If you wish to enroll your dog in any of our training programs, contact us immediately and we will schedule you and your dog’s initial consultation. If you feel your dog is beyond training, don’t give up yet!

Change IS possible with Surf’s Up Dog Training!