Why Dogs Need a Job!

We at Surf’s Up Dog Training love training working breed dogs. Working breed dogs have an innate need that is hard-wired into their genetics. They have to have a purpose, a job. Having a purpose is beneficial for most every breed of dog, the same as it’s beneficial to people. When a dog isn’t given an outlet for its energy, the effects can show in the dog having anxiety issues like hyperactivity and aggression. We work with our clients to find specific solutions to this problem and use a program that has been successful for nearly three decades.

Our San Diego dog training programs will give your dog a job!

Herding dogs such as Border Collies are extremely smart and driven. Without proper mental stimulation these dogs can develop serious behavior problems.

Surf’s Up Dog Training is experienced in training all kinds of working dogs throughout the San Diego area. Our in-home training treats dogs in their everyday environment and looks at each dog as a unique case that requires a specific, customized program to fully address their training needs. When your trainer meets with you they’ll get a clear picture of you and your dog’s lives, explain the needs your dog has which aren’t being met (which is the cause of their behavioral problems), and help you to come up with a “job” for them the works for both of you.

Once your dog begins participating in its work you’ll find that their behavioral problems will begin to fade away. No longer will they be suffering through the frustration of not being able to satisfy their biological needs, thus much of their basic anxieties will be eliminated. Surf’s Up Dog Training utilizes a rewards-based approach that focuses on teaching a dog to think differently. We teach a dog that good behaviors will be rewarded and put them in situations in which this can be learned. We set your dog up for success, not failure. Our training is not about punishment for bad behaviors, but instead reward for good behaviors.

Our San Diego dog trainer’s goal is to ultimately give you all of the knowledge and tools you’ll need to eventually become the trainer yourself. To accomplish this, we don’t offer a set number of lessons. Our training is commitment-based, meaning we’ll meet with you for lessons but also remain on-call for you to address other issues that may arise and to fill any gaps in training and understanding that may develop over time. We are often not the first dog trainers that our clients encounter, but we are always the last for these reasons. We teach you to become the trainer!

If you’re ready to get started in the process of finding your working dog’s purpose and solving their behavioral issues for good, give us a call at 800.649.7297 and our behavioral specialists can listen to your story and explain how our training works a bit further. We can also interact with you via our contact form. Let’s put that working dog to work! Get in touch with us today!