What is Commitment-Based Training?

Why are so many people scared off training their dog at home? In theory, it seems easy – your dog exhibits behaviors that you want to change, so you correct them, and they eventually learn. Easy as that, right? So why is it so intimidating, and why doesn’t it always work?

dog in trainingWhat trainers learn quickly is that dog training is a commitment, and if you don’t stick to a very strong commitment, you won’t get the results – or at least not as efficiently as you may expect. So what does it mean to have commitment based training?

This means setting specific hard goals, specific commands, routines, and sticking to your schedule. What makes the difference here is the consistency. If you want your dog to stop jumping up, this means setting the same command every time – something your dog can recognize as a hard “no”, not just a maybe. If you give the command every time your dog jumps up, they connect the command with the action, and combined with a reward for no jumping and good behavior, a better habit will be established. We know that sticking to this can be hard, because you’re not always at home – you’re out with your dog, or you have company over, and they might encourage bad habits, the same as strangers, which gives your pet mixed signals. So where do we come in?

Our expert trainer works with you on your time and set a schedule for our training that works for you. We work together with you and your dog in your own home to establish a new set of behavioral rules. We teach you how to best enforce these standards so that even when our trainers leave, you can continue the training in every-day scenarios. We can help you meet your goal of consistency every time through our personalized training programs.

Give our trainers a call today, or send us an email to ask about the best next steps for you and your dog.