Dog Training SHOULD Be Customized…Here’s Why…

Dog behavior can be very complex. To solve a particular behavioral issue you must understand the root causes and the culmination of many different variables that play a role in your dog’s behavior. We have all heard the saying “A square peg won’t fit into a round hole.”, this could not more true for dog training. Every dog is unique in their personality and temperament which is why it is essential to customize you dog’s training plan to give them the best chance to succeed. For dog’s that are sensitive to corrections or increased volume changes in your voice, you must understand they will be more incline to respond positively to less aggressive training approaches. And, for dog’s who are stubborn or non-responsive to treats, you must understand what drives them and use that to create the response you are looking for.

dogs being trained to stay in placeSomething that is often overlooked in dog training is the environment the dog lives in and the lifestyle of the owners. Is your lifestyle hectic with a lot of moving parts throughout the day? Are you not home most of the day? These are great questions to ask yourself. With a lot of action within their home, dogs can become stressed and develop a type of anxiety. Furthermore, if they do not get enough exercise they will be more likely to act out because of excess energy and boredom.

Another significant factor can be the owner(s) themselves. Dogs need leadership and structure to understand what is expected from them. Do you understand dog behavior and what your dog is expressing with their actions? If you are knowledgeable, are you too passive with your commands or being consistent enough to see change?

The examples above are perfect illustrations of why dog training should always be customized and a “one-size-fits-all” approach is unlikely to succeed. Surfs Up Dog Training understands your dog and your situation is unique. We are experts in evaluating all the variables that contribute to dog behavior and developing customized training plans. To have a customized plan created specifically for you and your dog today, contact us by sending an email or give us a call.