ALL Forms of Aggression CAN Be Resolved with Surf’s Up Dog Training!

While working with a friend who is a dog trainer in The Bay Area we talked a lot about how aggressive behavior can be scary for owners. Does your dog snap, tense, or play too aggressively? Is he quick to get moody or territorial over toys? Some dogs play rougher than others, and some are prone to aggressive behavior. Although aggressive streaks certainly do happen, they can be nerve-wracking for owners, especially if there are children or other dogs at stake. Aggression can manifest in lots of different ways:

  • We solve all forms of aggression at Surf's Up Dog Training San DiegoFood/resource aggression: This is when you find the dog growling or guarding food, toys, beds, or other resources. They may snap if you try to take these away from them.
  • Boundary door/aggression: Your dog may bark and growl at the door but be otherwise fine when people are in the room, making it hard to get in the house.
  • Dog/people aggression: This is when dogs are aggressive specifically towards other dogs or people, but are generally okay with you/your family. This is one of the most concerning ones, as the dog can be reported as dangerous.
  • Rough play: Your dog may be quick to get too aggressive with other dogs, which makes it hard for them to socialize and play. If things escalate to a point where the other dog is scared, hurt, or not having fun anymore, you may find yourself calling your dog back a lot to stop this behavior.

However, no matter how intimidating these behaviors can be, we know how to help and would be happy to check the behavior out for ourselves in a one on one consultation to figure out the best way to address it. If you’re unsure of where to go next, call us – aggression isn’t the end of the world, and it’s never a reason to give a dog up. Our expert trainer at Surf’s Up Dog Training San Diego is very familiar and comfortable with working with aggressive dogs and would be happy to teach you ways to handle your dog and retrain them to be more gentle, loving, and receptive to you or other dogs.

Give us a call at 800.649.7297 to learn how we can help your dog!