In-Home Dog Training: Why It’s The Best

Surf’s Up Dog Training is excited to bring the best dog training services to all owners in the San Diego area. While we offer group classes in various locations, we pride ourselves especially in our in-home dog training programs, which range from basic obedience, behavior modification, puppy training, aggressive dog training, and even a custom expecting parents dog training program.

dog training in their homeThe main reason why we offer in-home dog training is because it an approach that is feasible and also brought the most success to our clients. While it may sound easier to just board your dog in an obedience school, there are certain crucial training elements that are missing in this particular training style.

To talk about the positives, in-home dog training starts both owners and dogs on a positive and successful note. Our reward-based motto is about setting everyone up for success as much as possible. Starting off at home, this allows the dog to begin behavior training in their most familiar and probably most comfortable environment — inside the home. Being in the home versus being in a strange kennel setting or outside in the park, also gives us the benefit to control the amount of distractions the dog has to face at different levels of the training. While we want to introduce real-life distractions to the dog, we want to do it with the right timing so the dog is not initially overwhelmed and then creates a negative association with training.

The most important and possibly the most beneficial aspect of in-home dog training is the fact that owner is involved with the training. With Surf’s Up Dog Training, we not only train dogs, but we teach their people as well. Owners learn how to be competent handlers and confident leaders for their dogs. Our clients learn the training, and also become part of their dog’s success.

If your dog is exhibiting behavior issues, whether they are big or small, training is the best option to get these under control. At Surf’s Up Dog Training, we want to eliminate problematic behaviors, not manage or reinforce them. Don’t wait until things with your dog get more out of control, call us about our in-home dog training programs…they are suited for ANY behavioral problem! Our offices can be reached at 800-649-7297!