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Professional Dog Training that gets RESULTS!

With Surf’s Up Dog Training, the bar for San Diego dog training has skyrocketed through the roof. If you are dog owner looking to eliminate your dog’s bad habits or severe behavior problems, find your solutions and lifelong results with Surf’s Up Dog Training!

Reward Based In-Home Training Programs

Surf's Up Dog Training San Diego - We offer programs for dogs of all ages and breeds!Surf’s Up Dog Training provides different in-home dog training programs that can specifically address and cater to your dog’s problems and your training goals. We schedule an initial in-home consultation before training begins so that we are able to create the best training plan for you. This assessment is no-obligation, meaning after we meet and discuss your case, and you wish to pursue a different course of action, you are in no way required to enroll with Surf’s Up Dog Training. Our training is suitable for any age (puppy, adult, senior) and for any behavior issue, including anxiety and aggression. Not only will our programs target you and your dog’s individual needs, but they also follow both a reward-based and a commitment-based philosophy.

By reward-based, we aim to set your dog up for success, rather than flooding them with problem-causing stimuli and putting them in stressful situations where they will inevitably fail. We believe distraction training is an important part of training, but first we work on the basics and giving your dog the opportunity to build a foundation first before rising up.

Our Training is Commitment-Based!

Our commitment-based training is something that makes us stand out among other dogs trainers in the area. Unlike some competing training companies, Surf’s Up Dog Training doesn’t give up on your case, or expect more money upon reaching a certain number of training sessions. Our training is entirely results-based, meaning we commit to you and your dog until we achieve the positive results we discussed prior to training. In addition, if new problems arise in the future and are needing to work on these, we will be back to help with you without any extra fees or demands!

No Dog is Beyond Hope with Surf’s Up Dog Training 

We do not turn away dogs based on age, breed, size, temperament or behavioral issue. Even if you think your dog might be too hopeless for training, give us a call first before giving up! We often are contacted to handle some of the most problematic cases in the area, and we always find to succeed!

If you’re looking for the best San Diego dog training, then give us a call at 619-378-9688 to schedule the initial in-home consultation, or e-mail us using our contact form!